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Our Goal

At High Paw Dog Training we strive to make dog training accessible to everyone.

We believe everyone deserves to have a deep and fulfilling life with their best furry friend. When undesirable behaviour gets in the way we make it our personal goal to get you back on track. Owning a dog should be a joy so our goal is to remove the stress for you and your pet so you can get on with living your best life.


Behavior Modification

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Our Story

My passion for dogs began 29 years ago as a teenager job shadowing at the SPCA (now EHS). Edmontonians may remember the dingy, dark and a slightly spooky old shelter on the Yellowhead. After deciding vet medicine was not for me, I quickly changed course. Realizing behavioural issues were the main reason for animal surrender I started learning how to train dogs.


At High Paw Dog Training our mission is to foster meaningful relationships between you and your pet. We understand that pets are family and will always prioritize the health and well being of both ends of the leash. Wherever you are on your training journey we will help you create and implement a plan to have the fulfilling life you’ve always dreamed of with your dog.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is my dog too old to learn?

A dog is never too old to learn and habits are never impossible to change.  Understand that the longer a behaviour has been rehearsed the longer it may take to form new ones.

Do I need to buy a package?

We provide a free consultation to assess and learn your needs. If the problem can be solved in one session that option will be provided.  It will depend on your skills as a handler and your dogs training history. Behaviour modification will rarely be solved in one session.

How often would we meet?

The best part of a private trainer is the customized plan. If you are experienced and are able to run with the plan we’ve made together, I have clients that I meet monthly, others twice a week.  It really depends on your confidence and the type of training we are doing.

Is there homework?

Absolutely! We teach you how to train your dog and very few skills are mastered in one session.  You must take it home and perfect it with your dog.  We encourage multiple short sessions each day to solidify a skill and will help you find ways to incorporate training into your daily life.

How do you tell a dog they’re doing something wrong?

Easy. We don’t. We are a rewards-based facility and take great care to set up training scenarios where your dog will succeed and then build on that. A simple tweak of communication and a reset are usually all it takes to get your dog back on track. Any dog that is putting in effort and trying to learn is never wrong.  The responsibility is on us to ensure we are providing clear communication and setting up achievable goals.

Where do you train?

The world is our playground! We will go where your dog needs to go in order to be successful.  If your dog needs in home training I will come to you, if its environmental training we meet outside. The best thing about real life training is the proofing and this is rarely achieved in a facility.

What rewards do you use?

Only the dog can decide what it finds rewarding.  We cannot tell the dog- You will love working for kibble- if they truly don’t.  There are 3 main rewards used in training. 

Food= the most convenient, Play=the most effective, Affection/Praise= least effective.

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