All classes are private to ensure you get the best one on one care for your dog.

Training will be done in the environment best suited for your needs. Whether its in your home or around the neighbourhood, we set up training sessions to maximize our time and provide the clarity your dog needs to learn.

Pre-puppy consultations

Spread the word! Having the best pet starts with the best dog FOR YOU. We can help you find the best breed for your lifestyle and personality. If adoption is in your future I would be happy to join a meet and greet with your new prospect to help you understand what your looking at and be sure your furry friend is a good fit.

Puppy training

Puppy training starts from the day you bring your puppy home. Our dogs are always learning whether we are actively training them or not so starting out on the right foot is key. As the saying goes- If you don’t train your dog, they will train themselves- and it rarely turns out the way we like. Puppy training focuses on building confidence, environmental exposure, and building a relationship between you and your puppy. There is a very short window for socializing your puppy (16-18 weeks) so what they learn in this stage will be with them for life. We will show you how to make experiences positive for your puppy and show you how proper socializing can make all the difference in your puppies development. This class teaches basic skills, manners and creates a love of learning in your dog. You will also learn some prevention techniques for common behavioural issues like separation anxiety, leash reactivity and resource guarding.


Obedience focuses on the principles of training. It’s quite simple to teach your dog to sit or lay down, its another thing to get your dog to want to do it, do it on cue, and do it when you need them too. It’s a class as much for you as for your dog. You will learn how to read basic dog body language, how to teach a behaviour and reinforce it. Clarity is vital when training a dog that doesn’t speak our language or understand our world, so we break it down into easy to follow steps and give you all the skills you need to perfect the process. A strong history of learning and positive reinforcement will allow you and your dog to conquer whatever cue you can dream up. From the basic sit, down, recall and leash skills to jumping through hoops and trick training. If you can dream it, you can teach it once you have the skills to be a great handler.

Behavior modification

Behavior modification is taken very serious here and we understand the impact and stress these problems can bring to your life and the mental health of your dog. Problem behaviours are thoroughly assessed with a free consultation.  We take into account the root of the issue, the training history, the dogs breed and the handlers experience. We will work together for your unique situation and create a management plan to prevent progression of the issue, as well as a training plan to correct the problem long term .  We follow all LIMA principles and the process will always focus on the emotional well being of both you and your dog. Things like dog and human reactivity, leash reactivity, fear based behaviours and barrier reactivity are the most common issues followed closely by separation anxiety and inappropriate greetings (knocking Gramma down!) Resource guarding is also a very common issue brought to me and its common to exacerbate this problem with outdated and ineffective methods. Getting professional help sooner rather than later is always ideal so take advantage of the free consultation to see how we can help you get back on track and get your dog back to living its best life.

Private one on one sessions

Private one on one sessions address your unique needs as well as occasional small group classes if it’s a good fit.  Group walks and occasional meet ups where we focus on specific behaviours like greetings and neutrality around dogs and people are also scheduled randomly, and free to clients, so let me know if you’d like to be on the invite list. 

High Paw Dog Training also offers 4 free Spring Training sessions every April in anticipation of the short but sweet summers we have. We offer these sessions to introduce owners to training, provide some tips and tricks and to give back to our community. These are first come first serve and the content is announced when registration opens.

Contact us today to book your next session or to schedule a consultation.

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